TalkScalable architecture from the ground up

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In this talk, Oren Eini, founder of the RavenDB NoSQL database, will speak about how you can design and architect software systems that can easily scale to stupendous sizes, without causing either headache or pinching your wallet. It is obvious that if you chose the right algorithm for a particular task, you can gain tremendous benefits in terms of efficiency. What isn't as obvious is that the same apply to the global system architecture. In this talk, we aren't going to cover specific products or implementation. Rather, we'll cover architectural styles and approaches that withstood the test of time and allow you to create systems that are simple and cheap to operate while giving you the flexibility to grow. Arguably even more important, large complex systems require ongoing maintenance and care. We'll look into how we can provide insight and visibility into the innards of the system without putting too much of a strain on the development team. How we can enable operations features such as rolling deployment, recovery and audits at ease.

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