NHibernate Web Cast Series: Thinking about the infrastructure

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Here is a status report about the NHibernate Course that I talked about previously. I have talked with Justin, and at the moment is looks like we are going to do a web cast series about NHibernate. The draft syllabus can be found here, although this is merely a list of topics that we would like to cover.

We are thinking of roughly 30 hours(!) or so of web casts, which should be enough to cover NHibernate from end to end, and maybe leave me out of a job :-). A you can imagine, trying to do something like this is a fairly lengthy, and involve quite an invensement in both time and effort. In other words, we would like to get paid for this effort.

Now, beyond producing the web casts, I don't really want to deal with the hassle of creating a a site to sell the web casts. This is more of a headache avoidance issue than anything else. We checked in a couple of places, and it doesn't look like anyone we know is willing to handle the hosting/billing/headache issues. What I would like to know is whatever you can recommend (to me, or me to them) a way to handle this.

If all else fails, we would handle this ourselves, but I would much rather worry about technical purity than about encrypting payments and calculating taxes. We are open to suggestions, so you can either drop me a line here, or contact me directly via my email address.