Start playing with RavenDB 5.0, today

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I announced the beta availability of RavenDB 5.0 last week, but I missed up on some of the details on how to enable that. In this post, I’ll give you detailed guide on how to setup RavenDB 5.0 for your use right now.

For the client libraries, you can use the MyGet link, at this time, you can run:

Install-Package RavenDB.Client -Version 5.0.0-nightly-20200321-0645 -Source

If you want to run RavenDB on your machine, you can download from the downloads page, click on the Nightly tab and select the 5.0 version:


And on the cloud, you can register a (free) account and then, add a product:


Create a free instance:


Select the 5.0 release channel:


And then create the RavenDB instance.

Wait a few minutes, and then you can connect to your RavenDB 5.0 instance and start working with the new features.

You can also run it with Docker using:

docker pull ravendb/ravendb-nightly:5.0-ubuntu-latest