Offensive Gmail Advertising

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As you can imagine, I have a lot of email discussions about NHibernate. This means that around 70% of the time, when I am using Gmail, I see this advetisement.

(Image from clipboard).png

I talked about this advertisement before, and I haven't found a real reason to change my opinion. This is a FUD page. After my previous post about them, they re-worded some of the sentences, to match the truth in its most literal sense (and even that not always), but it is still a page that is full of misinformation.

There is a big difference between what they claim on the page and what is actually happening. For instance they claim that they have tools to generate mapping from database (and the claim that there isn't any NHibernate tool to do so, they are correct, there isn't an offical NH tool for this because there are many good implementation not from NH, no point in duplicating effort).

The problem is that their tool doesn't work with Identity keys out of the box, and require manual intervention. This seems to suggest that they play very badly in multi threaded scenarios. (And now I had better stop here before sinking any lower).

I wish there was a way to say to gmail that I find this ad very offensive and would prefer not to see it again.