Brail on C#

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For the last two weeks or so I have been stealing little pieces of time to an annoying chore. Moving Brail's engine from Boo to C#.

The reasons for this move are very compelling, allowing more people to take an active role in Brail's development. I am not always avialable, and there is always the bus factor :-). In general, I consider it a good thing to lower the barrier to participate in any open source project. Working with Boo isn't harder (I would say the other way around, actually) than working with C#, but a lot more people know C#, and are comportable using it.

So, as of few hours ago, Brail engine is written using C#. Of course, this is a significant change, so I would like to get as much feedback as possible.

Note: This doesn't change the views themselves, those will work as is, with no modification needed. The change affected the langauge the view engine was coded with, and that is all.

Have fun...