RavenDB Cloud now support multiple users per account, two factor authentication

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We released RavenDB Cloud a few months ago, with great response from the community. Since the cloud offer was released, we have been silently working on more features and capabilities.

Many of them you’ll never even notice. We have integrated RavenDB monitoring and RavenDB Cloud’s capability to do live deploys, for example, so your RavenDB Cloud can do things like dynamically grow its disk size at need or the RavenDB instance can alert that it is running out of IOPS and upgrade its IOPS reservation, etc.

Some of the new features, on the other hand, are quite visible. To increase the security of our users, you can now enable two factor authentication for your account. Just go to your Profile inside of the RavenDB Cloud Portal and you’ll see the option:


At this point, I don’t think that I need to really say anything more about why 2FA is such an important feature and I encourage all our users to enable it in their accounts.

Speaking of accounts, a hotly requested feature was the ability to have multiple users per account. We have implemented this and you can now invite users to your account.


The common scenario for this is when you need to have the ops team as a whole have access to the organization’s RavenDB Cloud. This saves the need to have a shared user and give a much better experience for larger organizations.

We are actively working on our cloud offering, but with a few months to look back, I’m really happy about where we are. If you have any suggestions or requests, I would love to hear them.