Vista: What Is The Killer App

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So, I have installed vista, wasn't very happy about it, and went back to XP. This raise the question, what is the killer application for Vista? Even in my brief use of Vista, I could see a lot of stuff that I liked. But none of them was really good in the level of "Oh, I must have this!"

Just repaving a system is something that take me days/weeks to recover from. Moving from XP/2003 to Vista is something that is going to take even longer. There should be something that would make me (and other users) want to move. For Windows 3.0, that was Excel / Word. For Windows XP, it was a very long process of just getting it out of the box (I can't recall any reason to upgrade from 2000, and indeed, I didn't for a long time).

According to several people who already jumped on the Vista wagon, the impvorements to the OS are many incrememntal ones, and not several big ones. This is a Good Thing, except that it takes a long while to get used to those improvement, and get annoyed when they are not there.

Is there a killer application for Vista?