Israeli Blogger Dinner

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So two days ago there was the Israeli Blogger dinner, it was a blast. 16 bloggers and a single localhost blogger showed up, which was more than I thought there were, as a matter of fact.

Highlights of the evening:

  • Getting to tell jokes about the value of Heaps Of Meat vs. Stacks of Meat.
  • Waiting for the meat.
  • Trying to participate in three very interesting conversation at once.
  • Hearing quite a lot about the community in Israel and abroad.

I am definately going to be at the next one, and it should defianately be a regular occurance. You can get some pictures here (look for the goofy looking fellow, that is me).

The dinner itself was great, but the end was soured by the place - Papagaio Azrieli - trying to scam us. I wouldn't have anything good to say on the service, cost or the quality of food, but the last part was over the top (charging for drinks that we thought were supposed to be part of the meal).

Next time, we are going to do it some place else (still a meat-joint, fear not), and it is definately going to need bigger tables, I think that I missed about 50% of the interesting talk because I was too far away.

Chears for Omer for organizing it.