RavenDB 3.0 end of lifecycle and RavenDB 4.2 Release Candidate

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Last week we had a couple of interesting milestones. The first of which is that we reached the End Of Life for RavenDB 3.0. If you are still running on RavenDB 3.0 (or any previous version), be aware that this marks the end of the support cycle for that version. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade to RavenDB 3.5 (which still has about 1.5 years of support).

I got an email today from a customer talking about maybe considering upgrade from the RavenDB version that was released in Dec 2012, so I’m very familiar with slow upgrade cycles.

End of Life for 3.0 means that we no longer offer support for it. If your operations team is dragging their feet on the upgrade, please hammer this point home. We really want to see people running on at least 3.5.

The other side of the news is that the new bits for RavenDB 4.2 Release Candidate are out. This release moves out of the experimental phase features such as Cluster Wide Transactions and Counters and introduce Graph Queries support. As usual, I would really love your feedback.