Certifications: Part II

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So I did 70-316 exam a few hours ago, and I am not really happy about it.

It included questions about setup/deployment, security, localization as well as many questions about using datasets and accessing data. I think there was a single question that I could say related to WinForms: how to stop resizing a form.

Two questions I really dislike:

  • I had to answer with " SET NOCOUNT OFF " - I don't know what it has to do with a Windows based applications, to tell you the truth.
  • Another "memorize the API / Find the difference question". The answers were something along the lines of:
    • foreach(SqlError err in myExp.Errors)
    • foreach(Exception ex in myEmp.Errors)

On the other hand, it does seem more relevant to the windows world, where you don't just use System.Windows.Forms.

After talking to Howard, I decided to take the 70-528 to see what the new certification model has to offer.