The RavenDB 4.0 Workshops are now opened

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blog-imgI’m going to be giving several workshops about RavenDB 4.0 in the next few months. You can see the full details here, but the gist of it is that these are full day workshops with yours truly, aimed to take you from knowing absolutely nothing about RavenDB to building complex systems on top of it.

We’ll cover how to deploy a cluster, model your application data, query it effectively and in general anything you need to know about RavenDB 4.0. I’m also going to do deep dives into several fascinating topics, such as high available, dynamic configuration and the kind of queries that are enabled by the new version.

We are running the workshops in San Francisco, New York and Tel Aviv in the first quarter of the 2018. We’ll announce more workshops in a couple of months, in more locations.

This is a good chance to use your 2017 training budget before the clocks run out. For the next 30 days, we are offering an 25% discount for early birds.