Active Record Lecture Trial Run: Success

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So I gave the lecture to some guys at work (reminder, I am giving an Active Record lecture on monday at the Tapuz User Group meeting in Microsoft), and it went very well.

I found some interesting holes (NHQG doesn't work on exe because of an annoying (and soon to be fixed) bug), and some stuff that I wasn't sure about with regard to some of the more recent things in Active Record.

I set the database dialect to SQL 2005 by mistake and was facinated by the way NHibernate did paginated queries. I forgot how hard it is to do this in SQL Server.

For some reason, my laptop refused to replicate the display to the second LCD, but will happily work with it in a dual monitor setup, so I had to code with my head to the wall just to see what was going on. My laptop is a Thinkpad R50e, and I usually use it with a dual monitor setup, so it may be related to that.

It also run about 15 minutes over the planned time (and I can certainly see it taking 3 hours easily), but I think that I can safely cut some of the more advance stuff to deal with it.

The guys that I lectured for weren't mainly programmers, so they actually didn't get too much of the pain that just went away, but I still got a Wow from them when I showed them how they can use strongly typed queries.