Tapuz User Group Lecture on 30 October

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On October 30, I am going to give a lecture in the Tapuz User Group meeting.  The topic of the lecture is "Active Record: How to write less code."

This is a 101 (introductory) talk, showing what you can do with Active Record and how much more productive it makes you.

There are a couple of nice tools for code generation that I have reviewed recently, but I don't think that I am going to go for the flashy screens and the wizards and reams of generated code.

I am going to give a RAD talk without a single wizard...

If you are in Israel, come and tell me how spectacular a failure this is going to be... :-)

P.S: Some poor guy actually asked to reserve two hours of my time to talk about OR/M. I'm not sure if I should pity him or not...

P.S.S: I'll make the slides / code avialable after the lecture.