Fun with C# local functions

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The reason for this post is simple, this code is so brilliantly simple that I just had to write about it.

On the face of it, it isn’t doing much that is interesting, but it is showing off something very critical. It is both obvious and easy to reason about. And if you don’t have local functions, trying to do something like that will require you to jump through several hops and pretty much always generate code that the compiler and any static analysis tool will consider suspect.

The fact that the reference to the local function can be added and then remove also means that we can do things like this:

A self cleaning delegate, which is only usually possible with code trickery that force you to capture a variable that you have set to null and then set to the value you are trying to use.

I know that this isn’t a really a major thing, but it make certain very specific scenarios so much easier, so it is just a joy to see. And yes, the impetus for this code was actually seeing it used in our code and going Wow!