The tale of the intermittently failing test

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We recently started seeing a failing test in our RavenDB 4.0 test suite. This test was a relatively simple multi-map/reduce test.  Here it is:


I checked the history, and this test has been part of our test suite (and never failed us) since 2012. So I was a bit concerned when it started failing. Of course, it would only fail sometimes, which is the worst kind of failures.

After taking a deep breath and diving directly into the map/reduce implementation and figuring out all the parts that were touched by this test, I was stumped. Then I actually sat down and read through the test and tried to figure out what it is doing. This particular test is one that was sent by a user, so there was business logic to penetrate too.

The strange thing is that this test can never pass, it is inherently flawed, on several levels. To start with, it isn’t waiting for non stale results, which was the obvious racy issue. But once we fixed that, the test always failed. The problem is probably a copy/paste error. There supposed to be two lines for clients/1 and two lines for clients/2. But there are three lines for clients/1 and only one for clients/2. So this test should always fail.

But, because we didn’t have WaitForNonStaleResults, it will always return no results (it didn’t have time to finish indexing from the SaveChanges to the index) and the test would pass with empty result set.

This has been the case since 2012(!), mind you.

I fixed the copy/paste issue and the WaitForNonStaleResults, and the test consistently pass now.

The most interesting observation that I have here is that RavenDB is now able to run a full map/reduce cycle in the time it takes the test to move from the SaveChanges line to the query itself. And that is a damn impressive way to find bugs in your tests.