Things to do this weekend

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In no particular order:

  • Add CreateInterfaceProxyWithoutTarget to Dynamic Proxy 2 - major requirement for Rhino Mocks.
  • Go over some issues in the forums with Brail and verify that the scenarios work. Blog about that.
  • Blog about:
    • handling with exceptionally large / deep object graphs with NHibernate.
    • API mistakes I think I made in Rhino Commons
  • Experiement with the new Active Record tools 
    Although this is only 75% done, I need to check the build provider to make it complete.
  • Make NHibernate Query Generator work with Active Record.
  • Update NHibernate Query Anaylzer to work with NHibernate 1.2
    Due to all the other things that I did, that was pushed to next week.
  • Explore and blog:
  • Help with documenting Castle.  Active Record's XML Documentation push.
  • Bulid an lecture around Active Record