RavenDB 3.0–Release Candidate & Go Live

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Update: We delayed the RC release by a week or two because we wanted to finish the new website. But I decided that it doesn't make sense to at least give you the RC bits so you can play with them. You can look at the new website at http://beta.ravendb.net, it should be done in about a week (we are in a holidays period right now, which slow things down). 

I’m taking a break from explaining what is new in RavenDB 3.0 because we have more important news. This is still release candidate, because we want to get more feedback from the field before we can say that this is a final version. The plan is to give the RC a few weeks to mature, and then make a full release. This also comes with Go Live version, so this is fully support for production (and much easier to deal with on production).

This release also include a new website for RavenDB, as well as the updated licensing. Note that we provide a 20% discount for purchases during the RC period. For customers that purchased a RavenDB license since 1 Jul 2014, can upgrade (for no cost) to a RavenDB 3.0 release.

You can go to our site to see how things changes.