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Inside RavenDB 3.0

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I’ve been working for a while on seeing where we can improve RavenDB, and one of the things that I wanted to address is having an authoritative source to teach people about RavenDB. Not just documentation, those are very good for reference, but not so good to give you a guided tour and actually impart knowledge. That is what I wanted to do, to take the last five years or so of working on and with RavenDB and distill them.

The result is about a hundred pages or so (and likely to be three or four hundred pages). In other words, I slipped up and started churning out a book Smile.

You can download the alpha version using the following link (which will be valid for the next two weeks). I want to emphasis that this is absolutely unedited, and there are likely to be error for zpelling in grammar*. Those will be fixed down the line, currently I’m mostly focused on getting the content out. Here is also the temporary cover.


Comments are welcome. And yes, this will be an actual book, in the end, which you can hold in your hand and hopefully beat someone over the head if they need to smarten up.

* The errors in that particular sentence were intentional.


Mike H

Cool, not to be off topic but what do you think about Microsoft's Azure Document DB offering?? You might want to post reasons why Raven DB is still the way to go. Maybe you have somewhere already...


Daniel Häfele


Oren actually did, yes. Take a look at this post: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/ravendb/CEAbfHDGD_g/yojirm4HnOsJ

Mike H

ok thanks, I missed it. I was looking on twitter etc...


Thanks for writing this! This is what made me think "I have to try this".


Is the source text somewhere? I'd love to contribute with edits for spelling and grammar since they natually stick out to me (I was a writing tutor for a while). Thanks for sharing the text!

Ayende Rahien

Sean, Certainly, see: github.com/ayende/book

Piotr Perak

Now I will finally try RavenDB. I don't like learning from blog posts. Book is always better. At least at the beginning.


Thanks a lot for this.

This REALLY reduces the barrier to entry


Maybe its nice to have a list of all the ravendb books?

Tommaso Caldarola

Good preview. I can't wait for the rest. Important, imho, to see scenarios as such as sharding, clusters, data integration...


At chapter 4, it's a nice clear read. not bad at all !


I'm just curious what the other 5 questions are? I surely don't even come close to being qualified, but it would be interesting to practice.

Ayende Rahien

Mike, Mostly to do with file I/O. Searching in files, finding changes in a file. Summarizing file data, that sort of thing.


I'm really bad at finishing books or long documents, but either I really like RavenDB or your writing style. I finished it all in one sit without noticing, now when the rest of the book would be available?

Ayende Rahien

Arash, We just made another release, including Chapter 6.

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