Rhino Mocks 2.9.1

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I am happy to accounce Rhino Mocks 2.9.1, which came after quite a dry spell...

The changes are:

  • Added Message() to Method Options, allowing more structured way to add intent to expectations described in more details here.
  • Added operator && and || overloading to constraints
  • Added Is.Matching<T>(Predicate<T> pred) constraint
  • Better error message for trying to mock a non-virtual method call.
  • Fixed stupid issue with BackToRecordAll()
  • Removed outdated documentation

I'm not sure if how to explain it, but I actuall go all of this between 04:30 to 05:45 (in the morning).

I also moved all the documentation to the wiki, and at the moment, the greatest help of all would be to add stuff to it.

As usual, the changes can be found here