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Help us select a theme for RavenDB 3.0

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We are getting closer & closer for a 3.0 release. And as I mentioned, we are doing a lot of UI work. I’m quite excited about that, even though I don’t think you’ll be aware of all of the changes that we are adding.

But here is one that will be very visible, the new theme for the studio. So far, we have gone with the default theme, and pushed the actual design for later. Now we have some options to consider:









Space lab:

space lab


What do you think is best?


Scott Hilleque

I like Darkly and SpaceLab, Can we see a list view / table in Darkly?

Dennis Doomen

Lumen. It's the least noisy.

Marcus Lindblom

I agree with Dennis, Lumen is the least noisy

Phillip Haydon

I hate to be negative but the dark ones are pretty bad. I'm usually a fan of dark themes but those two just don't work.

The bottom 3 should be the only ones considered.

I would pick Lumen, or SpaceLab.


certainly not Dark and Darkly.

Frank Quednau

If possible at all you should go for one dark and one light theme e.g. Dark and Lumen.

Ayende Rahien

Jalchr, Because that would be a very hard maintenance issue. And in practice, we found that very few customize things that we give them




At least 2 options should be included and light and darker one. I would go with Darkly and Lumen. 2 SASS files with variables / settings and 1 SASS file with the theme


I would choose Lumen or Space Lab from those. If you make the css available then the dark/lurid fans can tweak the colour scheme to there hearts content.


There are some better themes here:


Andreas McDermott

Lumen is my favorite. Second place goes to flatly I think.



Andy Booth

Lumen - seems nice and simple and focussed, a bit like Runscope's dashboard


SpaceLab, Darkly


Lumen, 2nd place SpaceLab


Depending on what you prefer, I think the question is between Dark and Lumen. It would be great for the user to have these two themes at his disposal and use either one of them :)


Dark! But make it flat.

Adam Wright

I like Lumen and SpaceLab. I agree with Karina. Let people choose between light and dark. Some people love dark for some reason. (I think its a fad)


Please please allow some sort of studio customisation through the database. I would really like a big red bar along the top of any LIVE databases. (I plan to do this with Greasemonkey if you don't include it.)



Ayende Rahien

Gaz, Yes, clearly distinguished prod vs non prod will be there.


I personally like Flatly. My only question would be why not have a theme selector to use any of them you want?

Dominic Zukiewicz

R_Classic is nice as it maintains the branding of RavenDB and HibernatingRhinos.

Worst case, get the admin to override the default by dropping in a CSS into a directory to override the default.

@Scott Hilleque:

The samples are here - http://bootswatch.com/

I use Cerulean for Proof Of Concept work, but some work differently - Yeti has a nice square edge (Metro), but the buttons default to a larger size than the other colour schemes.

Rik Hemsley

I prefer dark-on-light, but the most important thing to me is: Please make them high contrast!

Black (or almost black) text on white background is just fine.

Mark Rendle

Lumen. Space-lab's got some horrible contrasts.


I hope it is bootstrap compatible, It will save you a lot of headache.

Mike H


Kijana Woodard

One light, one dark with rel="alternate stylesheet".

Browser overrides for community styles:

I guess allowing the user to alter a known "user.css" file on the server would work too.

No support for custom css other than: remove your custom css.

Wyatt Barnett

SpaceLab -- lets not fall into the dark theme trap every other dev tool seems to be diving into.

Bonus points is if you can make it themable so I can select to be dark when I want to be dark.

Mike H

Should have made this a poll. It would be easier to see the data :P


Space Lab

Jeff Harris

Flatly and Spacelab are becoming fairly commonplace. Spacelab's black buttons are a little annoying after a while, and Flatly's shade of teal also grows tiresome.

Personally I like RClassic because it keeps the Raven "flavor". You know you're looking at the Raven dashboard. Lumen is okay too -- since it keeps it simple, but it doesn't really have any character to it.

Judah Gabriel Himango

Hey guys - holy cow - thanks for all the feedback. I sent these screens to Oren the other day. Most of them are based on Bootswatch themes. Some, like RClassic, are custom themes.

Prior to this thread, I was leaning towards RClassic, plus an optional dark theme.

I see from this thread that Lumen is quite popular. The only thing I didn't like about Lumen is that hovering over buttons and tabs actually moves it via CSS animation. I didn't care for that. Have a look yourself: Bootswatch Lumen.

Jeff Harris

... and although I like dark themes (my VisualStudio theme is dark) those dark themes have too high a contrast -- I find them painful to look at

Piers Lawson

Please, please, please not a dark theme!

my vote, Lumen



David McClelland

@Judah - Lumen looks good, but I agree that I don't like the animation. I am also a fan of United and Cerulean. If you look at http://bootswatch.com/united, using the example's navbar-inverse almost looks the same color as RavenDB's current color scheme.

Alex Spence

I like the Darkly one.

Judah Gabriel Himango


For sure. We can also modify the CSS ourselves -- in fact, I did that for several of these themes -- to remove anything we don't like, such as the hover animations.

I'll have a look at United.




Definitely Lumen


Darkly and Lumen.

Judah Gabriel Himango

OK, by my tally, that's:

Darkly 7 Space 23 Dark 4 Lumen 27 RClassic 4 Flatly 3

With at least 3 people suggesting we default to a light theme, but provide an optional dark theme.

Jeff C



Lumen or Space Lab


I like lumen the best.

but i'm not really a fan of the selection color in any of the light themes,

and there are no selection samples in the dark themes.

Could we get shots of the themes in the same view and with the same items selected, and possibly with a bit of highlighted query. :-)

Johannes Rudolph

Dark!!! Please do at least offer it as an option, e.g. Let us choose between dark and flatly (if that's not too much work to support) it.


Lumen, spacelab and Darkly. I think all three should be inlcuded. Or at least a dark and light theme.

Chris Marisic


Add a bit more color too it, a bit more use of contrast.

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