RavenDB Migration Assistance Services now available

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Many people who want to gain the benefits of RavenDB are facing a lot of challenges when they look at their projects. This is especially the case when we are talking about moving existing projects to RavenDB, rather than doing green field development. Recently we have seen quite a bit of a surge in customers coming to us for assistance in that area.

As a result of that, I would like to announce that we are now offering those services as a core part of our offering. If you have an existing application and you want to move all or part of it to RavenDB, we now have completed training for staff to help you do just that. This can be just a standalone

In addition to that, because this is a new service, we are actually going to offer the first three new customers this service for free (contact support@ravendb.net for this).

We want to encourage people to use RavenDB, and I think that one of the key things we can do to help is reduce any barriers to entry, and this one is pretty big.