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The downsides of going big

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One of the things that I found out is that as Hibernating Rhinos grows (and we currently have over a dozen people working full time), I’m seeing two very interesting changes in my own behavior.

The actual velocity is increasing by leaps & bounds. We can do a lot more now, and we can do that faster and with a greater degree of parallelism.

My personal development is growing less, as I am doing a lot more of business type things. One aspect of that is that I do a lot of reading of contracts, legalese, and other stuff that takes time from actual development work.

I try to compensate by running the tests while I’m reading contracts, and then I found the following in a contract I’m reviewing:


Nice to know where that stand. And I emphasize.



Are these misfortunes are ordered according to damage they cause?

Ryan O'Neill

Same here, I have more developers but I need to spend longer managing them so I can't code as much.

I've come to the conclusion that good project managers are worth the money.

Tom Cabanski

As a long time entrepreneur and get er' things done guy, I feel your pain. I started my last software company because I just liked to write code and ended up doing sales, accounting and playing Dr. Phil. When I sold it I thought I could go work somewhere and just write code again. It started that way but, as usual, I ended up moving up by necessity so that I could protect the team and get things done, which involves me writing less code with each passing day.

I guess that's the price you pay to build something successful. If you don't do it, nobody will. And don't make the mistake of handing it all off to some business guy. He'll end up driving your dream off a cliff because it won't be his dream.

Robert Slaney

I always find it amusing when I find "Act of God" in a contract, like insurance


Ayende, I'm curious how many of your employes are devs and IT OPs.

Ayende Rahien

Bob, We currently have about a dozen devs working on RavenDB, a couple of which also have ops hats.

Greg Young

Sounds like a basic force majure clause

Ayende Rahien

Greg, Sure, it is. That is a perfectly reasonable clause. It is just funny in the way it is phrased .

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