Reviewing Metrics .NET project

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This is a review of the Metrics.NET project (commit cb52da325c0a88336e09412638f72620d9ba7992).

The project is supposed to give us a way to track metrics about our applications, and we want to make use of it in RavenDB instead of the highly unreliable performance counters. This is going to be a pretty short review, mostly because I don’t really have much to say.  There are a few things that I take issues with (async tasks using Thread.Sleep instead of Task.Delay, but that is probably because it is targeting .NET 4.5).

Other than that, most of the code is actually doing crazy math stuff, and there are proper links to the explanations, and you can see why it is doing so. The impressive thing is that pretty much everything that I wanted to do was already there. Including an easy way to expose metrics over the wire, and that the whole things seems pretty seamless.

Very good work, all around.

For our purposes, however, I think we’ll need to do some other things. In particular, one of the major assumptions throughout the code is that there is always a type associated with a metric, which isn’t the case for our purposes.  More than that, the code now assumes a static and fixed set of metrics for the entire system. That doesn’t work very well for us when we have different metrics for each database, so we’ll probably need to change that as well.

But I am very impressed, this looks like it could sort out a lot of the things that we need to do very quickly.