Those things actually matter, yaknow

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Johnny Graber is not someone I know, but he spoke about RavenDB in the Soft Shake conference in Geneva.

I learned about that from my twitter feed:


Since I am not familiar with Johnny, I naturally decided to check this out. His blog is mostly about RavenDB, but that is beside the point. I looked at the slides that he posted, and I found some really interesting slides:




I’ll let you ponder those for a moment or two, before I’ll tell you why this is exciting to me. Well, it is exciting on multiple levels.

The obvious one is that this is showing two relatively low visibility features. It shows the sample Northwind database that comes with RavenDB, and it shows the installer. Both of those are part of a whole host of features  that are there specifically to make the barrier to entry for using RavenDB lower.  They are part of the set of features that you don’t really notice or pay attention to, unless they don’t exist.  It does me a world of good to see them actually shown up like that.

The non obvious reason that I excited is that I don’t know Johnny. He never posted to the mailing list, or contacted our support. But he was able to learn RavenDB well enough from the available docs, sample and code that we have that he was able to give a session about that in a conference. And that, too, is not something that you’ll usually think about. Unless you were the one who needed to orchestrate all the efforts required to actually make that happen.

And now, I’m going to be reading what Johnny has written about RavenDB.