The Candy Crush Challenge

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Here is an interesting challenge. In Candy Crush (which I do not have a problem with), you have 5 lives to try. Life renew at a rate of about 1 per 30 minutes. So it is pretty common to get to this stage:

candy crush life step 1

Now, you can go and change your system clock, and then you’ll get 5 more lives, and you can play some more.

Now, there are probably very good reason why this is done in this manner, to ensure players are still hooked, and it is just inconvenient enough that there is still meaning to the number of lives you have.

However, let us say that we wanted to stop that. How would you go about approaching this? Remember, we are talking about an app on a phone, and this isn’t something super serious if it gets broken, but we want to avoid the super easy workaround.

How would you solve that if this was on a computer, instead of a phone? What are the different considerations? What if this was something that was very important?