On the death of Google Reader, blogging & content

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On the 30 June, I had just about 30K subscribers to this blog. With the death of Google Reader, I dropped down to less than 10% of that.

This sucks, but it also means that this is a much smaller audience. Which means that it is easier to interact with. In particular, I would like to know what sort of blog posts do you, as a reader, like.

  • Features, like “see how I can do this cool thing in RavenDB”?
  • Reviews for applications, like “cringe at how horrible the code is”?
  • Challenges, like “can you figure out what is wrong with this code”?
  • Mystery codebase, like “let us read a codebase in a language I don’t know and try to figure it out”?
  • Architecture, like “let us see how we should resolve this problem”?

Or, you know, something else. I would appreciate your feedback.