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jon samwell

You've got the best business model in the world, don't pay developers just have the community fix your product! You should start offering reduced licenses for people who find/fix bugs. That should iron out a few more kinks in the product.


@jon I hope you were being sarcastic. Most of these types of bugs are edge cases that don't show up outside of real world use. Oren has a great track record of fixing these bugs quickly. Even quicker if the customer provides a failing test. If I'm not mistaken a bug report is NOT a bug fix.


There should actually be a strong incentive for users to do this. If they provide you a failing test for an issue, chances are you will incorporate that into your automated runs. Thus, the likelihood that the issue that broke them specifically will re-emerge has dropped drastically.

Bryan Johns

I wouldn't presume to expect any form of free or reduced price for a non-OSS license just for submitting a bug report, even one that came in the form of a failing test. But, that would be a nice incentive to go so far as to fork the github project, fix the bug, then issue a pull request.

A free or reduced license for use in closed source project(s) would be a nice bonus for getting a pull request accepted into the core. But if you think about it, having ones name in the list of contributors of such a large project would be a real bonus for the old resume and the value of that might far exceed the cost of a free production license.

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