RavenDB Bootcamp: Milano–special offer

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I am on my third consecutive RavenDB course right now, and I just realized that I’ll be doing a RavenDB bootcamp in three weeks as well.

This means 10 straight hours of intensive RavenDB, taking you from a newbie status all the way to a master of your (document) domain Smile.

RavenDB training has really picked up, which is good in the sense that a lot of people want to use it. It is bad in the sense that I would like to spend a little less time traveling.

Therefor, I decided to make things simpler for me by cutting the costs of the RavenDB bootcamp by 35% (!). You can use the following link to register to that.

Am I crazy? I hope that I am crazy like the guy on the left, and not the guy on the right.


The basic ideas goes like this.

RavenDB training is something that I want to have as many people as possible to take.  And I want to do this in as big a batch as possible, as well. I already had to make appointments to get back to the places I was just at to give the next round of training, and my hope is that this special offer will net all the people who care about RavenDB around Milano, and wouldn’t have to come back for a while to complete things.

Then again, there is also the fact that I was traveling on my wife birthday, which might have something to do with that. I would really like to avoid missing out on other important events. I already in trouble for not paying attention to our anniversary, and that didn’t help.