Things we learned from production, part V–Is that a wrench in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

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This post is actually going to be a short one, because it should have been pretty obvious.

An admin in production doesn’t have the same toolset that developers have on their dev environment. The ability to break in and inspect the state of the system at any time is something that we developers usually take for granted, but it is something that is quite impossible to do in production.

That means that we have to provide the admin with the ability to inspect our current state, we also need to give the admin the ability to make some changes. The most common example is to change system settings without taking the entire system down, but there are other things. Being able to force the system to do something, such as unload a database, force a full GC cycle or tweak the perf hints without getting seven people to sign off on taking the system down (and not having to do so at 3 AM) it a really good thing, as far as pretty much any admin is concerned.