NuGet Perf, The Final Part – Loading Testing – Results

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The test was run locally (no network involved ) on a Lenovo W520 laptop with 8 cores & 8 GB RAM with an SSD card. The storage engine we used was Esent, Safe Transactions. Default RavenDB configuration, running in console, with logging disabled.

We took the most obvious approach both in the code we wrote and the test approach. I am pretty sure that I’ll get a lot of helpful suggestions about the load testing. The code is available here, and you are more than welcome to take it for a spin and get your own results. What is important for me to note is that we have done exactly zero performance tuning. That is relevant to both the index we use, to the code that we wrote, everything. I just wrote things down, and didn’t worry about performance, even though this code is going to go through a load test.

Why don’t I worry about it? Because RavenDB is setup to do the Right Thing. It will self optimize itself without you need to take care of that.

With that said, here are the test results:


You can see that the red line is the number of users we have, and we have this worrying green line that seems to go crazy…

Except that this is actually the number of page served. The part that we care about is actually the Avg. Page Time, and that is the blue line.

This line, however, is basically flat no matter the load.

Here are the test results in details

Load Test Summary
Test Run Information
Load test name LoadTest1
Start time 04/09/12 14:16:38
End time 04/09/12 14:21:38
Warm-up duration 00:00:20
Duration 00:05:00
Controller Local run
Number of agents 1
Run settings used Run Settings1
Overall Results
Max User Load 300
Tests/Sec 20.0
Tests Failed 0
Avg. Test Time (sec) 12.5
Transactions/Sec 0
Avg. Transaction Time (sec) 0
Pages/Sec 77.1
Avg. Page Time (sec) 0.0062
Requests/Sec 77.1
Requests Failed 0
Requests Cached Percentage 0
Avg. Response Time (sec) 0.0062
Avg. Content Length (bytes) 3,042
Key Statistic: Top 5 Slowest Pages
URL (Link to More Details) 95% Page Time (sec)
Page 0 0.018
Page 0 0.018
Page 2 0.014
http://localhost:52688/api/search 0.014
Search ravendb 0.014
Key Statistic: Top 5 Slowest Tests
Name 95% Test Time (sec)
Browsing 19.3
BrowseAndSearch 17.6
Searching 10.6
Test Results
Name Scenario Total Tests Failed Tests (% of total) Avg. Test Time (sec)
Browsing Load 1,533 0 (0) 16.0
BrowseAndSearch Load 1,685 0 (0) 15.0
Searching Load 2,770 0 (0) 9.00
Page Results
URL (Link to More Details) Scenario Test Avg. Page Time (sec) Count
Page 0 Load Browsing 0.0072 1,629
Page 0 Load BrowseAndSearch 0.0071 1,783
http://localhost:52688/api/search Load BrowseAndSearch 0.0064 3,443
Search ravendb Load Searching 0.0064 2,798
Page 1 Load Browsing 0.0063 1,617
Page 2 Load Browsing 0.0063 1,580
Page 1 Load BrowseAndSearch 0.0063 1,760
Search debug Load Searching 0.0055 2,810
Search grid Load Searching 0.0055 2,839
Search yui Load Searching 0.0054 2,866
Transaction Results
Name Scenario Test Response Time (sec) Elapsed Time (sec) Count
System Under Test Resources
Machine Name % Processor Time Available Memory at Test Completion (Mb)
Controller and Agents Resources
Machine Name % Processor Time Available Memory at Test Completion (Mb)
RAVEN 13.0 1,356
Type Subtype Count Last Message


You can dig in and look at the data, it is quite interesting. Under the load of 300 users, the average page response time was… 0.0062 seconds.

And RavenDB was using just 13% of the CPU, and that include running the agents running the tests.

In my next post, we will go totally crazy…