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Businesses that are a joy to work with: Skills Matter

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I don’t believe that I ever did this, but I was just completely blown away by Skills Matter.

Please note, I never actually dealt with them as a student, although I got great feedback from the people I taught about them in that capacity. I am talking here solely about dealing with them as a service provider.

I have been working with them since 2008, and we have a great working relationship. I am routinely dealing with many businesses, and almost always you have this… friction. I usually have great rapport with the technical people with whom I work, but then it comes to dealing with other departments, it can be… annoying.

With Skills Matter, not only was it never the case. They go out of their way to make it easy and fun to work for them.  I can’t talk about the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and was the trigger for this post, but I can talk about some other things.

From spreading the word about RavenDB and NHibernate by organising talks with me for the Skills Matter community to helping me with a payment dispute that I had with a hotel (that I reserved, but they took care of all the details of getting my money back and saved me tons of international calls an angst) to being willing and able to accommodate screw ups (oops, I missed the plane) in the most pleasant way possible and all the stuff they do for the developer community.

In my time working with them, I found them to be honest, hardworking, professional, ethical and in general Very Good People.


Henri Toivonen

Now all they need is a better looking website

Ferret Chere

That's why they're called "Skills Matter" and not "UIs Matter".

Steven Lauwers

I recently attended one of ayende's courses at Skills Matter and I must say it was a wonderful experience. Great teacher, great organisation!


Wow! Thank you Ayende for your wonderful post, feedback like this really charges our batteries and makes us think 'what else can we do', what can we do more and better!

It's been great working with someone as passionate and brilliant as you too - and with all the great and passionate members in our community to create awareness and adoption of all the awesome ideas and technologies flowing out of the alt.net community!!

I know I speak on behalf of many, when saying your contributions to drive innovation has been tremendous, and would like to express a massive THANKS, not just from the Skills Matter team, but also from thousand of passionate developers in our community that have benefitted from your talks and workshops on Nhibernate, RavenDB and all other things that occupy your brilliant brain!

Re Henri's comment above, this will be addressed very soon, tx for your feedback - and thanks to Ferret for pointing out this was not our core focus to date - stay tuned for great improvements?! :-)

Steven, great you enjoyed Ayende's course with us, hope to see you around again soon!

Big hug to everyone who's helped us over the years making things happen - Ayende's great experience reflects the positive contributions of many in our community, not just those of our team!


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