The “features” that no one talks about makes all the difference

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You might have noticed that I am talking a lot about support and operations recently.  This is because we have been doing a lot of work around that area. Making sure that RavenDB is even more forthcoming and open about what is going on.

This week it has been about making sure that the shutdown phase of RavenDB is as transparent as it could be. Debugging those sort of issues is a PITA, because you very rarely really stop to consider them. But we got some feedback from customers about a common set of issues there.

Under some circumstances, shutting down RavenDB might take a while. We identified several things that can cause this, mostly indexing in progress.

The first thing we did is change the way we are doing indexing to allow aborting them during shutdown, but there are still a set of operations that might take a while that we have to complete even in shutdown scenario.

For example, we might be just in the middle of flushing to disk, and we really want that to complete successfully (otherwise we would need to run an expensive check on startup).

Therefor, we added this:


You’ll still have to wait, sure. But now if you watch the logs you can see why, and have some understanding about how long this is going to take.