It isn’t a feature that is killing you, it is the intersection of features

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Over time, projects get more features. And that is fine, as long as they are orthogonal features. It is when those features overlap that they are really putting the hurt on us.

For example, with the recent Changes API addition to RavenDB, one of the things that was really annoying is that in order to actually implement this feature, I had to implement this to:

  • Embedded
  • Client Server
  • Sharded
  • Silverlight

And that one is easy. We have bugs right now that are happening because people are using two or three bundles at the same time, and each of them works fine, but in conjunction, you get strange results.

What should happen when the Unique Constraints bundle creates an internal document when you have the Versioning bundle enabled? How about when we add replication to the mix?

I am not sure if I have any good ideas about the matter. Most of the things that we do are orthogonal to one another, but when used in combination, they actually have to know about their impact on other things.

My main worry is that as time goes by, we have more & more of those intersections. And that adds to the cost of maintaining and support the product.