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RavenDB Course–Israel

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I got repeated calls for doing a RavenDB in Israel, and it really makes little sense not to do one here, since it is the one we would have the easiest time running.

Therefor, I am pleased to announce that our two days RavenDB course is going to open in Israel on the 11 – 12 July. We are going to do the course in our offices in Hadera, and part of the course will include interaction with the actual development team.

You can register for the course using the following link. We provide early bird registration until the 16th May.

The course is going to be in English, and is open for people from outside of Israel as well.



Hey! Thanks for doing that. I'm from Israel, but the price seems to be a bit high for me - I hope you have fun and thanks for the great posts so far (I am a regular reader!)

Judah Gabriel Himango


For those of us coming in from outside of Israel, is there any recommended lodging near the Hadera office?

Ayende Rahien

Judah, We will give you some options tomorrow.

Judah Gabriel Himango


Did you post the lodging options somewhere? I don't see them.

Judah Gabriel Himango

Fair enough.

I'm planning on staying at my brother's house south of Jerusalem for most of my stay. But as I understand it, it's a long drive (1+ hour) from there to Hadera, so I'd like to stay near the Hadera office for the 2 days of training.

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