If you put tripwires in my paths, you won’t get my money

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Recently I updated several of my VS plugins, and immediately after that I noticed a changed in the way VS behaves.


This is actually quite nice, and useful. (Although I was a bit confused for a time about when it shows and when it doesn’t, but that is beside the point).

the problem is that in many cases, like the first two example, it is actually quite easy to press on those notifications. And if you do that, you get:


And that is annoying. Sure, I get that you want to encourage people to buy your products, I even agree. But this sort of a feature is something that is very easy to invoke by mistake, and it completely throws you out of your current context.

I have VSCommands installed for the simple reason that I really like the Reload All feature. But it isn’t worth it if I have to be careful where I put my mouse in VS.

This single feature is the reason that I uninstalled it.