When you pit RavenDB & SQL Server against one another…

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Here is how it works. I hate benchmarks, because they are very easily manipulated. Whenever I am testing performance stuff, I am posting numbers, but they are usually in reference to themselves (showing improvements).

That said…

Mark Rodseth .Net Technical Architect at Fortune Cookie in London, UK and he did a really interesting comparison between RavenDB & SQL Server. I feel good about posting this because Mark is a totally foreign agent (hm…. well, maybe not that Smile ) but he has no association with RavenDB or Hibernating Rhinos.

Also, this post really made my day.

Update: Mark posted more details on his test case.

Mark setup a load test for two identical applications, one using RavenDB, the other one using SQL Server. The results:

SQL Load Test
Transactions: 111,014 (Transaction = Single Get Request)
Failures: 110,286 (Any 500 or timeout)

And for RavenDB ?

RavenDB Load Test
Transactions: 145,554 (Transaction = Single Get Request)
Failures: 0 (Any 500 or timeout)

And now that is pretty cool.