RavenDB Course in London: 28–29 February

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imageItamar will be giving our 2 days RavenDB course in London on the 28 – 29 February. You can find more details in the course info page.

imageItamar Syn-Hershko is a software developer writing mostly for .NET but also in Java and C/C++, and is a core developer of RavenDB since joining Hibernating Rhinos in 2011.

Author of open-source projects like HebMorph and NAppUpdate, and an active participant of others (CLucene for example), Itamar strongly believes in the power of open-source projects and the innovation they can bring to the table.

Itamar's current focus is on modern Information Retrieval - mostly search engines and databases, and he blogs about those and others in his blog http://code972.com



There is also some time there for on site consulting, so if you want to get one of the core RavenDB developers at your company to advice you on how to best use RavenDB, please ping us.