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This is not a post about technology.

You may, or may not, have heard about the recent trouble in Israel. For the past month a Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit is being held by Hamas terrorists. Today, eight of our soldiers were killed and two were kidnapped by the Hizballa terrorists.

There has been calls to immediately negotiate the release of thousands of terrorists held in Israeli's prison in exchange for those three kidnapped soldiers.

I have been personally involved in two such operations (links to Hebrew site).
  • New Path - to strengthen Abu Mazan position.
  • Blue & white - exchanging prisoners in return to a kidnapped civilian and the bodies of three sodliers.
The facts behind the numbers were that within a month about 25% of those released turned up in prison again, for terrorist activities. At that point I lost count and interest.

I know for certain of at least two occuations where prisoners that were released in those operations had commited suicide bombing (link to one of them, couldn't find the other on the web) that killed my people. In those two occations, the terrorists were released from my prison.

This is posted as a reminder that exchanging these prisoners does not end with the exchange itself.