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Truth in advertising

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So I am at a client site discussing things about their new version of the software. And while it is easy to promise things, we did a POC to make sure that things will work out.

Because I know users, I made sure to have this ready:


I do software behavior, but I know my limitations, and doing good looking UI is one of them.

I had too many software demos blow up because of silly UI issues.



Design looks good to me!

On a serious note I only ever balsamiq mock ups OR for live demo's leave as black and white, even the pink and blue ugly banner may leave a ugly taste in your clients mouth! :)

Khalid Abuhakmeh

I love balsamiq, but maybe ayende was trying to prove a certain technology and functionality.

Why not use something like Twitter Bootstrap. It's super easy to use and looks decent.

Andrew Benz

I like the banner at the top. I know when I'm showing off functionality only, I'll go out of my way to make sure the page is black and white only and not styled at all.


I wish I could say we didn't actually have stuff in production that looks a lot like this...

Gene Hughson

LOL...my favorite disclaimer is the one I use for prototypes: "Consider this supermodel software: looks good, does absolutely nothing useful".


I wonder if we can have that ugly banner in Visual Studio 2012...


Those aren't good colors for color blind people. :)

It's really blurry and hard to read for me.

Felice Pollano

Great color choice! Cyan on pink is... how can we say ;) ?


Kinda smelly here ;-)

Daniel Lang

The one thing I often feel that programmers forget about the software business is that programming itself is just one third of building a quality piece of software.

Here's how I think that almost every software should be made up: 1) Solving the problem (in brain, on paper, whatever) 2) Programming the solution 3) Creating the interface (you need a real designer for this) and programming the UI

There's no excuse for ugly looking programs, they're just not finished.


I have been impressed with how far you can get just using Twitter Bootstrap. You can find yourself fiddling with it, but by and large they have a widget for most things you could need and it's easy enough to put them together in a way that looks at least unobjectionable.

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