Out of context, architecture is nothing but modern art

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When I am thinking about modern art, I am thinking about an experience that I had that was remarkably similar to this one:

I got a lot of comments regarding my review of the Northwind Starter Kit project.

Here is the deal, if you want to demonstrate complex ways to solve a problem, you had better make sure that you are actually solving a problem that requires a complex solution. If you are demonstrating how to solve a simple problem in a complex way, you are basically doing disservice to the reader.

When I wanted to write a sample app to demonstrate something, I either chose to demonstrate the actual technology (writing a ToDo app) or I spent dozens of posts establishing the context (yes, that is Macto, I’ll get back to it).

But since so many people seems to have been offended by my slight of dismissing the project based on what seemed like just the number of projects, I’ll do a full review series on that. My point was to make it clear that creating complex solutions for simple problems is wrong, especially if you are trying to demonstrate a real workable system. Without the proper context, all of this stuff is just cargo cult.