TDDing Log4net

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I have an application where logging is a business concern.
Usually, logging is something that I do so I could remotely debug the application, or have a better understanding of what is going on. This is the first time where the logs are actually something that is a business concern.
I usually don't tests logging, so I wasn't sure how to start. I probably should mention that I am using log4net for the logs.

After searching a bit, I found that it is really simple:

public void TestInitialize()
    _memoryAppender = new MemoryAppender();

And then, in the tests, all you need to do is:
LoggingEvent[] events = _memoryApender.GetEvents();
And start asserting.

Strangely, the best place to read about log4net strengths is here, in the comments for a blog post (check the second comment by Ron Grabowski).