A new daily builds site

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It is absolutely shocking how quickly small applications add up. One of the applications that has been an absolute core part of the architecture in Hibernating Rhinos is the daily builds server. It is a core part of the system because it is the part that is responsible for… well, managing the downloads of our products, but it is also the endpoint that the profilers will use to check whatever they need to be updated, and how to get the new binaries.

Unfortunately, that piece was written in about 2 hours sometimes in 2008 (I only have history for the project up to mid 2009), it was a MonoRail project (ASP.Net MVC wasn’t released, and I didn’t really like it at the time). And it hasn’t been updated since.

I believed that I mentioned that there should be a very small transition between “you are hired” and “your stuff is in production”. We got a new developer last week, and we now have a new version of the daily build out: http://builds.hibernatingrhinos.com/

The new site is build on top of RavenDB, and has a much better UI. It also gives us, for the very first time, real feeling for the number of downloads that we actually have over time.

In particular, we have these:

And both graphs are things that I am very happy to see Smile.