DLinq Questions

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I'm going to be in the DLinq Session tomorrow morning, and I'm posting a list of questions that I've right now. If you would like me to post a question, put it in the comments or email me.

  1. Does DLinq support lazy loading?
  2. What kind of associations DLinq supports (many to many is not support, I already know)?
  3. What happen if I try to load an object that is already loaded?
  4. How do you build a good DAL with DLinq? Obviously the samples I've seen so far are not going to work. I'm not going to the database directly from the UI.
  5. What sort of caching features I have in DLinq?
  6. What are the options for object inheritance hierarchy in DLinq?
  7. If I'm using stored procedures to access my data, do I lose the rich querying support? Is it done in memory?

If you have additional questions, just put them here. I'll post the answers tomorrow.