Mini Seria Review: The Witch, The Lion and the Wardrobe

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I just watched The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe, the mini seria from the 80s.
It is far more primitive, but it has a certain charm.
The children actually looks like real children. When they needed to show a pegasus, they actually used animation.
The England that is shown is more in line with my excpectations of the time (a map of the war's progress on the wall, for instance), and the English accent is a delight.
I think I may have seen this as a child, there are some things that rings a bell, visually. but it is hard to know since I seen the new movie and read the books several times.
The White Witch looks far more like I thought it would be from the description in the book, and not like something out of a Muscle Woman magazine.
I really liked the proffesor's attidute in this movie.

The annimation is not on the level of Who Killed Roger Rabbit, but it leaves enough for imagination to fill, so I don't have a problem with this.
I just saw a unicorn in this movie that looked more real than any other. Aslan itself is both a surprise and a disappointment. It looks more or less like I imagines, a big lion, but his roar is not something that would frighten a kitten.
The White Witch is really a caricature, I think. Considerring the way she is portrayed in the book, I'm not surprised by how she is acting. It's all in line with the character, the problem is that the character is not believable.
First time I have ever seen a flying lion anywhere, but it is in this movie. Doesn't look very real, but it gives them a chance to show some country side, I guess.
The battle scene, which I really like in the recent movie, is the part that really can't compare, it is laughably bad in all regards.
The end was better, I think.