WinForms 2.0 Data Binding Resources?

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I'm not a UI guy, not even close. Nevertheless, I need to work with it often enough. Right now I got to write a WinForms UI that involves displaying and organizing data from several sources, Database (via Active Record), Reflection, etc.

I want to use data binding for the whole thing, since the data is basically text and some combo boxes, nothing special. The problem is that while I can find a wealth of information on data binding in ASP.Net via declarative markup, and some information about binding and manipulating datasets in WinForms, I can't find any good explanations on how to do it with business objects (in this case, Active Record objects).

I thought about getting a book, but it is unlikely that I would read it, to tell you the truth, I just don't have the time, and I need the information as soon as possible. An added complexity is that while I have a fairly good understanding on the Win32 controls, (Textbox, ComboBox, ListBox, etc), I know practically nothing about DataGrid, and that is probably what will make the best control for the job.

I got some hierarchy that I want to display (one level only), and I am so not feeling like doing it all by hand.

Any good tutorials on the subjet? I'm pretty clueless about databinding and data grids.p