A New Methodology: Blog Driven Development 2.0

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I would like to introduce a new Methodology for development. I call it Blog Driven Development and it is a modified version of XP.

Here is the entire Methodology in its simplest form:


What projects this Methodology is fit for?

Just about any project you like, but I strongly recommend that you will use BDD for Web 2.0 projects, since it mesh well with empowering the developers and result in better product that can be readily consumed by millions of eager users.

As you can see, I'm practicing my own craft and use BDD daily for the last two years or so. I've been very successful so far.

Please note that this Methodology means that you Blog a Lot, Test a Little and Code a Little. The implicit assumption here is that you slowly shift the effort from coding and testing toward blogging. As blogging is a field that is far more deterministic than software development, I am sure you can imagine the productivity increases.

You can set clear goals and schedule with confidence. Imagine how much better your standing will improve when you repeatedly meet deadlines.

Other benefits of Blog Driven Development:

  • Sending a blogger to a journalist's conference cost much less than sending a developer conference.
  • You are on top of the hype wave, using BDD to develop Web 2.0 projects is the Big Next Thing, I assure you.
  • You can reasonably expect to catch most "bugs" using Word's spelling & grammar checking.
  • Less code means less bugs


I am currently taking a sabbatical in order to write the Tome Of Blog Driven Development, you can read a sample chapter here.