Testing UI - A Challange

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Here is the story:

When the a node in the graph is hovered via the mouse, a connection point (a node can have several) is made visible, and the user can drag the connection point to another node (when it enter the second node, the second's connection points will be visible) and create a connection between the two connection points. A visible line should exist when dragging the connection, and after it was attached it should be permenantly visible.

I got this to work without tests, since I just can't think of how to test this stuff. Right now I'm heavily using the functionality that Netron provides (which does 96% of the above) and the implementation uses windows events and state tracking quite heavily to get this functionality.

I suppose I can try to refactor the logic out so it would be testable, but that would mean duplicating the events structure for WinForms. In addition, I can see no way to test that the correct stuff is drawn to the screen and I am not fond of taking a screen shot and then comparing the known good to the result on a bit by bit basis. If for no other reason than that I can think of several dozens of tests for the functionality that I need.

Any suggestions on how to test this?