My Daily WTF

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The term "churning code" has no direct equivalent in Hebrew, sadly. I did a code churn of ~12,000 Lines of code a couple of weeks ago, and I got some... peculiar results. I recently got a call from a co-worker about a piece of code that I wrote during this churn. The code was something like:




FROM Orders

GROUP BY OrderId, Price

For some reason, this code produced the wrong results. I was gently asked what I was thinking when I wrote this piece, and I really couldn't provide a decent explanantion. At least fixing this mistake was easy, if I weren't doing much the same thing in four other spots, in big queries.

*Sigh* I heard somewhere that the output of the average programmer is ~20 lines of debugged code a day. It's not really surprising, actually. I knew it during the churn, now i need to find out just how much more such WTF are awaiting me.

By the way, if you work in a code base long enough, you learn to read the patterns of the code well enought that you no longer need to read the code. From the structure of the code you can figure out what is it trying to do (if not why, or the sepsific of the how). Do it long enough and you can "restructure*" the code to be much nicer, without reading the code.  The problem with this method is the result above.

Boy, is legacy programming fun or what?

* It is not refactoring unless I have tests in place.