Musical Dialog

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For the Hebrew speakers here, one thing that you really need to do it to listen to Don't Play With Me and then to Not Playing With You. They make a great story, and the whole thing is really funny.

The songs are: "אל תשחק איתי - נועה פארן" and "לא משחק איתך - האלמונים".

For the non Hebrew speakers, the first song is about a girl publically breaking up from her boyfriend, with some harsh words invovled. The second song is the reply from the boyfriend to the girl, and it's just killing to hear them one after another. They both has the same musical style, and you can't easily identify which song is which. This mean that you can listen to both and get the feeling that it's one song. Just great.

I hope that there is a third song, and that it will carry on.