Put down that cursor and step away from the database, Mister!

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I'm seeing too much cursors around right now. Way too many. I also keep seeing the same code over & over again. I know that I'm in trouble because to work with this code base I need to:
  • constantly use grep (and deriatives, like AstroGrep, which is cool);
  • get a diff program that support drag & drop from the shell as well as quickly changing only one of the files. (Found WinMerge, which looks cool);
  • pronounce variable names out loud in order to understand their meaning*;
  • watch ingenious workarounds to all sorts of limitations in the number of concurrent nested corsurs in the database;
  • cut code by 70% by deciding that I don't need to verify stuff over & over again.
Argh! Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall.

* (Hebrew words in English characters)